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Image by Maël BALLAND

Aswan to Luxor

Embark in Aswan and cruise along the Nile river to the city of Luxor. Start your journey discovering the colorful Nubian villages sitting on the edge of the Nile and breathing in fresh air as you sail in a traditional felucca. 

  • Sightseeing passes, as well as to and from transportation.

  • Private Guide

  • Laundry service

  • Full Board Accomodations, Meals, and soft Beverages

  • Luxury airport transfer

  • Locally produced hard drinks


Day one

  • Board the boat in Aswan and get to know your crew over a cocktail reception.


  • Spend your first day gliding along the Nile and living like a true Pharaoh.

  • Later, dine on superb cuisine made from freshly harvested ingredients accompanied by your favorite beverages.

Aswan, Kom Ombo & Fares village

Day two

  • Spend your morning taking in the magic of Aswan before your boat sails to your next stop, Kom Ombo. Cruise while watching the beautiful backdrop glide by.

  • Hop off for a guided tour of Kom Ombo Temple, before hoping back on for your final mooring of the day, which will be Fares village.

Gabal El Selsela & Edfu

Day three

  • Today visit the Temples carved into the cliffs on the edge of the water of Gabal El Selsela, where you will discover the history of Royal Shrines dating back to the eighteenth Dynasty to Greco-Roman times.

  • Lunch is served on board as you cruise to Edfu, the city of the falcon god Horus.

El Kab, El Hegz Village & Esna

Day four

  • Cruise north to El Hegz village. Pass through El Kab, where your guide will take you on a short tour of the El Kab Tombs.

  • Back on board, for a delicious dinner prepared by the head chef, followed by our anticipated Oriental night.


Day five

  • Wake up to a new landscape, in the city of Luxor, tour Karnak and the Luxor Temple, which are two of the most captivating historical sites ever discovered in Egypt. Enjoy walking through each site as your guide takes you around the city.


Day six

  • Have breakfast aboard before your crew bids you farewell and you head to your next destination.


Survey panoramic views of the towns along route from aboard our cosiest yacht, Berge, as it winds down the Nile river. A decadent outdoor pool, sun-drenched landscape and fine living await.

PHOTO-2023-12-02-14-03-32 3.jpg

Onboard Arax, delve into the secrets of the Pharaos, villages and cities of Upper Egypt, drifting dreamily along the river Nile. On deck, reconnect with loved ones and relax as you soak up endless views of the river's outskirts.

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