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Explore the world of Kazazian

With the second generation of the Kazazian family building the future, we are in the pursuit of offering all who are seeking a luxurious adventure an experience like no other. Let us take you on an unforgettable journey along the Nile river in Egypt. 

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Wonders of the World

Visit phenomenal sites and explore the history of Ancient Egypt. Take in all that the Nile has to offer by booking a private or group tour with one of our exclusive tour guides. 


The Kazazian experience is defined by timeless escapes rich with culture, natural wonder and genuine care. Within our walls, our guests experience moments of complete serenity. 

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Navigate new horizons aboard one of of Kazazian's Nile river cruises. 

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A culinary journey

Dining aboard Kazazian’s cruises is a gourmet experience. The yachts offer multiple dining settings in which to savour exquisite Egyptian, Meditaranean and international dishes all prepared using the freshest ingredients. 

Sail through history

Step into a world alive with colour and rich with tradition. Watch as the sun glances off temples and felucca's glide through the water of the Nile river.

Surrounded by palm trees and sand dunes as a backdrop, on this journey, Egypt’s arresting history unfolds as carefully-crafted tours and centuries old tales draw you in.

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